waves of action

Elle Gibson

This will be my third season onboard Vaka Okeanos and I am excited to see what this season brings.

The world provides us with immense beauty, and it’s a special moment in time to have rare memorable encounters with other walks of life. This is one of many reasons why I treasure the Vaka.. It brings me closer to our natural world, in a way of curiosity, sustainability, joy and respect – I honour this.

My hobbies are many, but I’m a creative soul at heart and enjoy a range of physical challenges. I surf mainly as a personal sport and freedive when I can. I have recently realised I get enthused and driven by challenges. Making things better, fixing issues and being hands on is something I thoroughly

enjoy.  Growing up on the coast I had so many questions, so I undertook a biological degree majoring in marine. Since then I have spent my time in various industries but mainly in education, arts and animal welfare.

These past few years on the waka has sparked my interest in cnidaria and their blooms, sound pollution, rare mediterranean species and boat building.


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  • Elle Gibson: © Okeanos Stiftung