waves of action

Fabian baumgaertner

Growing up in landlocked Bavaria, I fell in love with water when learning swimming at the age of 4 and joined lifeguard training while still a child. That was followed up with working in a swim school and freediving after moving to Vienna for my studies and later by becoming a scuba dive master, freediving instructor and enrolling in a MSc. in Ocean Science. My love for sailing was fueled by Couchsurfing and „hitchhiking“ sailboats for example on an Atlantic crossing.

As the currents of my professional journey navigated me from political science to the depths of the ocean, I’m driven to make a lasting impact on marine conservation. My journey intertwines climate policy, environmental NGOs, youth work and ambition to create meaningful change. I feel a very strong connection to freedivers (human or not) and a particularly deep fascination with humpback and sperm whales.

My dream project? Empowering young ‚Blue World Changemakers‘ through immersive training and research experiences on eco-friendly educational vessels and in collaboration with companies and policymakers minimizing pressures from marine vessels on ecosystems. Sounds a lot like our OceanCamps, right? 🙂

Best wishes

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  • Fabian Baumgaertner: © Okeanos Stiftung