waves of action

Lena Varvarou

My love is the sea and I have always been driven by her. Mother Nature fascinates me and I love finding ways to connect with her even more. I grew up in Athens, Greece and the last few years I am living in Volos studying ichthyology. I enjoy travelling and trips in the sea and in the mountains, while I combine it with working. Sailing has been a big part of my life the last 2 years, when I started sailing with a sailing circus, and since then I feel more comfortable living on the sea than in my own apartment. Since then I have also been a circus artist, while my other passions are scuba diving, rock climbing, guitar playing and discovering the world. I have been in love with sharks my whole life and my goal is to become a marine biologist with specialty in them.

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  • Lena Vavarou: © Okeanos Stiftung