waves of action


I have always admired, explored and loved being in Nature. I was born in the mountains of northwest Argentina, has been trained as an environmental scientist in the US and have experienced the world and its cultures in many different ways. I have fallen in love with sea seven years ago when I moved to a community by the sea in India, where I had a close encounter with a big dolphin. Sailing has become the most important part of my life in Barcelona in the last two years. My grandfather was a fisherman in the north of Spain, may be I inherited this amazing connection to wáter from him as well as his citzenship. I have found in sailing a way to be deeply connected with myself, to nature and others, and thus, simply happiness.

I am very excited to be part of the crew this year.  I feel we have a lot to share, to learn, and to create together.

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  • Mariu: © Okeanos Stiftung