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There is a lot of movement in this because, although our office is in Darmstadt, we are spread all over Germany. Jana, Kim, Christina and Simeon organize projects from Darmstadt, Juliana jumps between Cologne and Darmstadt to work, Hannah lives as a digital nomad with home base in Darmstadt, Yvonne comes from Bochum and Sascha has the Spree on his doorstep, namely he lives in Berlin. Apart from that, we regularly work with young people from all over Germany. Their ideas and wishes flow into everything that WAVES OF ACTION offers.  

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Jana Steingässer

I’m Jana, a mother of four and have been an environmental activist for many years. Not on the big stage, however, but by writing books for children, teenagers and adults. At Okeanos Foundation for the Sea and WAVES OF ACTION, I am responsible for project management and communication. What I find especially great about WAVES OF ACTION is that together with other young people in a growing community, you can build a personal connection to the ocean through hands-on experiences and contribute to its protection with your very own ideas and approaches.

Kim Rathnau

I am Kim, an artist and art educator living in Darmstadt, Germany, and have been involved in nature conservation for many years with my artistic work. With my art pedagogic work I am mainly based in local forests and beside the water. However, my great passion lies with the oceans, this is especially evident in my own art. By connecting individual themes from different ecosystems, I try to show the complex and interconnected structures of the earth system, in order to make clear how important it is to protect each ecosystem. The ocean always plays a role in this.  

At WAVES OF ACTION I am responsible for community management, workshop design and local networking. I am especially happy that I have the opportunity to support and network with young people who want to stand up for the ocean in different ways – because together we are stronger!  


Christina Steinke

I am Christina and live with my small family in Darmstadt. 
As a project assistant at the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, I get to help design and organize great projects to contribute to the preservation of our oceans. It makes me happy to see how committed and enthusiastic our community members of the WAVES OF ACTION initiative are working on their projects and I am grateful to learn so much new about our waters and the ocean. 

Yvonne Engel

In my hometown of Bochum, I have been active for many years as a climate activist and am commiPed to solidarity-based urban development, for example by working with various neighborhoods to upgrade former brownfield sites into edible snack gardens. Although I don’t live by the sea, as I’m in the middle of the Ruhr region, I am confronted with the consequences of climate change, which is why healthy seas are also of great importance for life in the city and on land. I accompany WAVES OF ACTION as a freelance educational consultant for sustainable development. Here I look at what it takes for local youth to learn well with and from the ocean. What excites me about the project is that space is given to our own experience of closeness to nature and this highlights our own common strengths and brings individuals’ potentials into focus. This inspires us to continue working together, strengthened, and committed to a healthy world.  

Sascha Wolff

My name is Sascha. I live with my wife and my two children in Berlin. The sea has always fascinated me and I am very happy to be able to support the Okeanos Foundation in its work. As a consultant and coach, I help people and organiza8ons find solutions to a wide variety of issues. At WAVES OF ACTION you can have a “good good time”, that is, do good and enjoy it. That’s what excites me and that’s what I like to help with.

Hannah Schürr

I’m Hannah, and I bring stories to life with the help of strong writing and digital media. As Social Media Manager at WAVES OF ACTION, I make sure that your stories and projects are heard! What I really appreciate about WAVES OF ACTION is the implementa8on mentality. You can implement your own ideas, we learn together and grow. The focus is on the ocean. And that should really concern all of us, aper all, we live together on this blue planet.

Simeon König

I am Simeon and a passionate sailor. At WAVES OF ACTION I was enthusiastic from the first idea and support the project with conceptual input as well as the technical implementation of all digital themes and the overall design of the project. I am particularly pleased to be able to offer support with my contribution so that others can experience and strengthen their connection to our oceans.  

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