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The Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

Okeanos was founded in 2006 by Dieter and Hanna Paulmann. Their son Patrick Paulmann donated a considerable sum in 2021. The Paulmann family has had a close relationship with the sea for decades.  

Until 2020, Okeanos operated in the Pacific through the construction of traditional sailing catamarans, helping to make marine transportation in remote regions less dependent on fossil fuels. Since 2020, the focus has been increasingly on connecting young people in Germany and Europe with the ocean.  

The Okeanos Foundation is not sponsored by companies, political parties or state institutions. It is politically, economically and denominationally independent. Funds for the implementation of the statutory objectives are provided from the foundation’s assets. Okeanos is non-commercial, but pursues clear objectives that are enshrined in our statutes.  

With its work, the foundation commits itself to contribute to the protection of the oceans and to bring their immense importance for our human life on earth into social awareness.